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Requesting a Computer

7th November 2022 : We've temporarily had to stop taking applications, as we have now run out of laptops.
This is the first time we've run out after refurbishing 284 laptops!
Applications received before 6pm 7th November 2022 will be processed where we have machines, but we cannot take any more applications until more laptops are donated to SCHol Tech.
We apologise for the incovenience.

To request a laptop please go through the questions asked below

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Now supplying
Ukrainian language computers
for local-hosted refugees
as well as for local families, adults and Non-profits

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Step 1: Where is the building where the laptop will be used?

We supply refurbished laptops to Recipients who qualify, if they live in this local area.


Please note, even if you, the Applicant are not the intended Recipient, we still want to know where the Recipient is based.

These are the post codes we currently cover:


TA3 - only half nearest Taunton or Wellington

TA4 - only half nearest Taunton





EX15 3 - top right corner only nearest to Wellington


This map is a rough guide to the area we cover.

If you are only a 3 or 4 miles outside this border

please do proceed.
But we cannot go much more than this, thank you.

Is the intended Recipient of the laptop in one of these post code areas?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

Step 2: Who are you, as an Applicant?

Next, we need to know a bit about you, the Applicant.

Some people apply on this website to get a laptop for themselves, and some apply on behalf of another person. 

We treat these applications differently and ask you different questions.

For example, we take applications for families & adults, who are UK citizens, directly, but we give higher priority to applications for UK citizens if the application is made by a recognised agency, organisation, school or community group on their behalf.

All applications for refugees who are living in our country need to be made by a recognised agency, organisation or community support group - such as  a host family or organiser from 'Homes for Ukraine - Taunton Hosts'. To make this kind of application, please click Organisation, below.

We also accept applications for computers by not or profit organisations to use themselves for their own office work.

We need to go through some questions, so that you fill in the right application form.

So, to start, are you, the person making the application, ...

  • An Organisation: A recognised non-profit organisation, school, or community group - like a host family from the 'Homes for Ukraine - Taunton Hosts' group.

  • A Refugee who has arrived here from overseas (like Ukraine)

  • Or a member of the public?

Are you, the person applying for a laptop...
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.
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