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Requesting a Computer

7th November 2022 : We've temporarily had to stop taking applications, as we have now run out of laptops.
This is the first time we've run out after refurbishing
 284 laptops!
Applications received before 6pm 7th November 2022 will be processed where we have machines, but we cannot take any more applications until more laptops are donated to SCHol Tech.
We apologise for the incovenience.

You have indicated you are a private individual making this application.

Step 3: Are you 18 or over?

Most of the applications for computers we receive are for members of the public to use.

Before we can proceed to take the application, please indicate the situation you are applying for.

We can only accept applications made by an adult 18 or over in age.

Are you aged 18 or more, making this application for a computer for yourself?
(ie. Will the laptop(s) will be used in your offices by your own staff?)
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

We cannot accept applications from under 18 age.

We can only accept applications from adults, or recognised organisations.

We certainly give out computers to eligible under 18s, but the application process can only be done by someone 18 or over.

If you are under 18 and want to apply for a laptop, either a parent/guardian, or better still, a recognised organisation, like a social worker or school, can make the application on your behalf.

You have indicated you are

  • A private individual making this application

  • You are over 18


Step 4: Please pick the scenario that best describes the situation

We have different application forms, depending upon what the scenario is.

Please read the following scenarios and pick the right button that represents the situation.

  • You are a refugee who has been welcomed into the country


  • You are a parent or guardian,

  • and you are a UK citizen,

  • and you want to apply for a computer for one or more of your own children,

  • who are aged 17 or under,

  • and they live in your home.

Please note, if you have an 18 or older aged child who is, say, a student, they need to apply for themselves below, unless there are mitigating reasons why they cannot do that, and need an adult to assist them.


  • You are an adult who is 18 or over,

  • and you are UK citizen,

  • and you want to apply for a computer for your own use.

Examples: This includes adults who are, for example, retraining for work, students going to college and there are budget challenges. It also includes people starting a self employed business with special circumstances.


  • Our situation doesn't match the above scenarios


A different situation?

You have indicated your situation is different to the scenarios we have listed.

We might still be able to help, but in the first instance please contact us using our general contact for to tell us about your scenario and we will be in touch to take the conversation forward. Thanks.

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