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Requesting a Computer

7th November 2022 : We've temporarily had to stop taking applications, as we have now run out of laptops.
This is the first time we've run out after refurbishing
 284 laptops!
Applications received before 6pm 7th November 2022 will be processed where we have machines, but we cannot take any more applications until more laptops are donated to SCHol Tech.
We apologise for the incovenience.

Are you a refugee from overseas, like Ukraine?

Ви біженець із-за кордону, як Україна?

Vy bizhenetsʹ iz-za kordonu, yak Ukrayina?

Так, я біженець, який хоче допомоги

Tak, ya bizhenetsʹ, yakyy khoche dopomohy

You have indicated that you are

  • A parent or guardian,

  • applying for a computer for...

  • ...your own 17 or under aged child/children

  • who live in your own house

  • and you are UK Citizens


Please DO NOT give us the names or ages of any children on this form, thank you.​

Except in special circumstances, we only give out one computer per household at present. Please don't apply twice or more.

Did you know? Applications that are made on a child's behalf from a school or recognised support agency, like a social worker, get higher priority? You might want to ask them to apply on your behalf if you think this will aid your application.

Post code area of recipient family
Who is making this aplication?

Are you someone else, wanting to apply for a laptop? This may be the wrong form.
Please click here

SCHol Tech are trying to help the families / individuals most in need in our area. We are volunteers offering our help where we can.

Please give an indication below as to why you/the family you are asking on behalf of, need our help.

Please note, laptops we give to recipients who are successful receive the laptop for free. The questions below about affordability help us assess prioritise those who need our help the most, first.

We consider every application we get.

If you don't apply, we can't consider it!

Our resources are limited so please bear with us - we can't respond immediately to every application.

Please tick all otions below that are true for the family needing help

Please DO NOT give us the names or exact ages of any children on this form, thank you.

Please note - this form is to apply for a laptop for an under 18 to use. If you are wanting to apply for a laptop for an 18 year old or over, that person can apply for themselves using our adult application form.

Thank you for applying. We can't guarantee help but we will reply to you as soon as we can. Thank you very much.

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