Request  a Laptop

This page has a form for people who are requesting a laptop for a child to use.

You might want to know answers to common questions before you continue.

Please DO NOT give us the names or ages of any children on this form, thank you.​

We are only able to give out 1 laptop per household at present. Please don't apply twice or more.

Applications that come from your school on your behalf, or a support agency like a social worker, will go right to the top of our priority request list. However we are delivering laptops to families who are requesting for themselves. Thank you.

Do not sell your laptop once it is donated to you. If you no longer want it, please donate it back to us, thanks.

Who is making this aplication?

SCHol are trying to help the families / individuals most in need in our area. We are volunteers offering our help where we can.

Please give an indication below as to why you/the family you are asking on behalf of, need our help.

Please note, laptops we give to recipients who are successful receive the laptop for free. The questions below about affordability help us assess prioritise those who need our help the most, first.

We consider every application we get.

If you don't apply, we can't consider it!

Our resources are limited so please bear with us - we can't respond immediately to every application.

Please tick all otions below that are true for the family needing help

Please DO NOT give us the names or ages of any children on this form, thank you.

Thank you for applying. We can't guarantee help but we will reply to you as soon as we can. Thank you very much.