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Sadly, its a no.

We are so grateful for you taking the time to help us.

Sadly because of the answers you gave we can't take your laptop - either you don't live in our areas that we cover or we don't think it will be good enough specification. 

We have to minimise time lost for our drivers who collect, and the time it takes for technicians to review donated laptops to ensure we only move forward with ones that are useful.

However, you could help us in another way...

Will you consider chipping in a donation? 


We have to buy parts for the laptops we are given when refurbishing them.

£15 buys a replacement memory unit that massively speeds up a laptop. When we refurbish 20 laptops, that adds up to £300.

£9.50 pays for a volunteer driver to drive for 20 miles around the area to do multiple pick ups and drop offs.

So any donation of any amount is very welcome, thank you.

Other local community Tech Refurbishers:

Taunton: A local gentleman called Gareth Arndell is also helping schools with tech kit to pass onto families. Gareth is not part of, but we wish to encourage other local enterprising schemes where we can. Perhaps try contacting him, via Facebook, to see if he wants to take your machine. He is also taking in Tablets and iPads, which aren't taking. 

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