General Contact form

This page has a form for people who have a general enquiry not covered by the other options below.

Before using the general contact form, please check whether there is a button below for what you want to do: 


OK, if none of the above, you can contact us by these methods below:

Send an Email: This is the best method. Use the form below

Phone Call: 01823 212003 

At present this line only takes answerphone messages.

Messages are only listened to periodically, depending upon volunteer availability.

Send a text: 07 54 54 89 232 

This number ONLY does texts. Do not call it, no one will answer.

Texts to this number are only checked periodically, not instantly.

This number does not accept WhatsApp or other equivalent messaging systems.
Standard texting only. 

Which town are you in/near?

Thanks for sending your message. We will be in touch as soon as we can