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Supporting us with a financial gift

Will you consider donating towards our costs please?

SCHol Tech is a Community Interest Company, registered with Companies House. Everyone who works for SCHol Tech is a volunteer. We have 3 directors. More about us

Internet Banking Donation

If you wish to make a sizable donation (3 figures or more), please contact us direct and introduce yourself so we can have a chat - and we can tell you how to directly transfer money to our  Community Interest Company bank account. Thank you so much for being willing to help us.


Please make a cheque out to SCHol Tech Community Interest Company. Please contact us to get our postal address. Thanks

Debit or credit card

We also welcome gifts of any amount via debit or credit card, using GoFundMe.

Click on the icon below to donate!


Please note GoFundMe take a small fee for the service.

SCHol Tech need to buy parts for every laptops, and replace components to improve them.

Examples of some of our costs are:

£18 - to upgrade the storage of a donated laptop so it runs MUCH faster.
For 20 laptops this adds up to £360 of parts. 

£20 - to buy a replacement power supply for a laptop that works but has no power cable.

£9 - pays for one driver to do 20 miles ferrying equipment around.

Thank you so much

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