Supporting us with a financial gift

Will you consider donating towards our costs please?

If you wish to make a sizable donation (3 figures or more), please contact us direct and introduce yourself so we can tell you how to directly transfer money to our cause.

Thank you.

We take donations of this kind via internet banking donations or cheques in the post. 

Use your debit or credit card

We also welcome gifts of any amount via debit or credit card, using GoFundMe.

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Please note GoFundMe take a small fee for the service.

SCHol Tech need to buy parts for every laptops, and replace components to improve them.

Examples of some of our costs are:

£18 - to upgrade the storage of a donated laptop so it runs MUCH faster.
For 20 laptops this adds up to £360 of parts. 

£20 - to buy a replacement power supply for a laptop that works but has no power cable.

£9 - pays for one driver to do 20 miles ferrying equipment around.


Because of Covid-19, we cannot all work together as a team in one office.

So, we have to collect all laptops, drive laptops to technicians homes,

drive them back to our central office, and then drive them to the recipient's addresses!

We cover quite an area from SW Wellington up to NE Bridgwater.

For enquiries about sending a cheque, or dropping money off, and if you are someone wanting to send a sizable gift, please use our general contact form below and we will happily contact you to take that forward. Thank you so much.