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Donate a Laptop

To donate a laptop please go through the questions asked below.

May 2023 - We are no longer taking laptop donations

Sadly, we have had to decide to wind down SCHol.Tech. As a result we can no longer accept laptop donations - do not fill in the form below, as we will be unable to respond to it.

Thank you to everyone who made SCHol Tech a success from Jan 2021 to May 2023. Over 300 laptops delivered free to the local community.

Step 1: Where are you?

We only cover these postcode areas:


TA3 - only half nearest Taunton or Wellington

TA4 - only half nearest Taunton





EX15 3 - top right corner only nearest to Wellington


This map is a rough guide to the area we cover.

If you are only a 3 or 4 miles outside this border

please do proceed.
But we cannot go much more than this, thank you.

Are you in one of these post code areas?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

Step 2: We are only taking laptops

mobile images.png

Are you offering desk based machines, monitors, printers, tablets or mobile phones?

Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

OK! good so far. Thank you.


Lots of older laptops have probably been sitting on your shelf for a long time since you last used it.

So please take it out of the case now,

and do these following simple checks first.

Thank you.

Step 2a

Step 3: Does the laptop have a webcam?

We are only taking laptops that have a webcam in them.

Look above the top middle of the screen of the laptop.

laptop webcam download.jpg
Does the laptop have a webcam?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.
Step 4

Step 4 : Is the laptop made by Apple?

Is the laptop an Apple Mac?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

Step 5 : Measure the Screen

Step 5
laptop measure screen.jpg
Is the screen 11 inches / 28cm or higher?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.
Step 6

Step 6 : Look at the labels on top and bottom of laptop

Laptops often have stickers on. Please check the following lists and answer accordingly. ALSO look underneath!
(Apple laptops don't have stickers.)
Do any of the stickers say ANY of these phrases?
"Windows XP"
"Intel Atom"
"Intel Centrino"
"AMD Sempron"
(If you just see the words
Atom, Centrino or Sempron
it still counts)
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.

Step 7 : IMPORTANT Check for damage

Look for obvious signs of damage.
  • Are any keys missing?
  • Is the trackpad area worn at all
  • Are the buttons on the track pad worn
  • Is there any sign of bulging on the case, especially near the battery area?
  • Look at the screen. Are there any chips or cracks anywhere on the screen?
laptop battery bulge.jpg
Can you see any signs of damage?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.
Step 8

Step 8 : Does it turn on?

If you can, plug the laptop in to the mains. Now try turning it on

It doesn't matter if the machine goes all the way through to the main screen or not.


The question is whether it turns on or not. Feel free to turn it off again as soon as you have seen it powers up.

The battery may be depleted, or not able to hold charge, if the laptop has been in a bag for a long time.

We are able to take laptops with a dead battery - so long as it turns on with the mains cable.

We are also able to take laptops where the power unit is lost or known to be broken, but only if the battery still has charge in, so you can test it to see it turns on.

(If the power unit is known to be broken, please do not give it to us, thanks!)

We can often locate another power cable, but what we must know is whether the laptop turns on or not. 

Have you seen the laptop turn on today?
Please choose a button to answer, thanks.
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