196 Laptops now refurbished and delivered since early Jan 2021!

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We turn  donated old & unloved laptops 

into free computers to help

resolve the digital divide

What We Do

We take in donated older laptops, wipe the memories, refurbish them and then donate them to families with kids at home during lockdown and are in desperate need of extra equipment. We target the machines to families who don't have the funds to go out and buy latest laptop tech but need equipment now to support their children. 

1. Laptops are donated

We take in Windows or Apple laptops. Click here to Donate a Laptop

3. People requests laptops

We take requests from parents & schools In Wellington, Taunton or Bridgwater areas of Somerset, about families who cannot afford new equipment.

2. We Refurbish Laptops

We insert a blank memory into the laptop and reinstall software from scratch, putting on the typical software a school child needs, like Teams & Word Processing

4. Deliver laptops

We then deliver a laptop to the family in need so they can help their children with school at home during lockdown.


More questions answered here 


Contact Us

We want to hear from you if

  • You can donate old laptops

  • You can offer transportation to collect and deliver laptops

  • You want to request a laptop

  • You wish to send us money to help pay for the laptop renovation

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