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253 Laptops now refurbished and delivered since early Jan 2021!
12 of them in Ukrainian-friendly languages!

Officially part of the BBC Make a Difference Campaign

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Now supplying
Ukrainian language computers
for local-hosted refugees

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We turn  donated old & unloved laptops 

into free computers to help

resolve the digital divide



Used laptops are donated

We take in Windows or Apple laptops.

Click here to Donate a Laptop

Members of the public and companies across our area donate the machines.
We remove and then wipe the memory completely with a special machine.

Our volunteers refurbish the laptops

We insert a blank memory into the laptop and reinstall software from scratch, putting on the apps that most people need, like Teams, Browser & Word Processing.

We accept financial donations from the public to support this work

Local people requests laptops


We take requests from Families, Agencies, & Adults in Wellington, Taunton or Bridgwater areas of Somerset, to apply for a free laptop, where there are special circumstances that warrant us giving them a free machine.

Our volunteers deliver the laptops

One of our volunteers then deliver laptops to recipients on one of our scheduled delivery runs around the area.

More questions answered here